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About your Innkeeper, Scott

Your Innkeeper is Scott Staley. Scott, a native of Wyoming, moved to Cleveland in 1986. His intention was to spend only one year here. He fell in love with the city and has called it home since. He first saw this property in the mid 1990s. At the time, he was a technical consultant at a well known computer company. The stress of corporate life took its toll and he decided to move into a trade he had learned from his father as a carpenter. With the help of several other contractors, the restoration is complete (is a restoration of a structure like this ever complete?) As a believer in conservation and reuse, Scott has taken elements from the demolished Hippodrome Theatre (that were buried in the basement of the house) and integrated them into the house. You will see Tennessee Pink tile in several rooms throughout the house along with the walnut paneling that now defines the Walnut Room.


The house and property is his labor of love of a journey over 18 years, never veering from his original vision. He has turned the vacant lots of 2 neighboring lots into a unique garden format and there is a delightful kitchen garden in the rear of the property. With the help of professionals and friends with design and implementation the garden has become a living palate that will continue to mature and change.


He now has the enjoyable job of making sure the guests of Wallace Manor feel welcome and have a good experience. He loves to talk about the history and renovation of the house…. just ask!...